4th of July Party Games

With the 4th of July right around the corner that means BBQs, lawn games, family and friends and fun. Great outdoor lawn games can be played anywhere especially the backyard. Look for games that are fun regardless of skill level or athletic ability, so everyone can have fun.

The classic lawn games have stuck around for a reason, they are well made and fun. Make sure to mix the old games with the new. Everyone knows about bocce, croquet and horseshoes, why not try adding a new summer game the mix this year?

Here are three games that everyone might not know about, but will be sure to love:

Ladder Golf

4th of July Party GamesLadder Golf is a game of skill where you toss bolas (2 golf balls connected with rope) at a game ladder that consists of 3 rungs. The top run is worth 3 points, the middle 2 and the lower rung is worth 1 point if you wrap your bola around it.


4th of July Party GamesPlayers "roll" disks at the goal and points are awarded to the player/team that positions their disks closest to the goal. It's a great game of skill with the element of chance! Set-up in seconds on grass or in the sand. Now you're ready to be a high Rollor! 


This game gets it's unique name because you toss corn filled bags into a hole. Yes it is that simple, and very fun. Toss the bag into the hole for 3 points or land it on the board for 1 point. Give it a try!

Don't forget what the 4th of July is all about. It's about celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 and declaring Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. But also take some time on this holiday weekend to spend some time with family and friends and have some relaxing fun playing some fun outdoor games.

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