5 Unexpected Places You Can Break Out Your Rollors Set

a group of people in a field

Your Rollors set isn’t just for trips to the beach or your backyard summer picnics.  You would be surprised where breaking out your Rollors game would work out perfectly and even make the event more fun.  That is what is so wonderful about Rollors.  It’s ability to fit in any situation.  Rollors is definitely not a game that requires lots of setting up and is quite easy to take anywhere.  Its compact case makes it easy to keep in your car so that you can break it out at a moment’s notice.  Here is a list of some unexpected places that you can break out your Rollors set and be the life of the party.

  1. Weddings.  While you may think weddings are too formal of an affair for a yard game but for Rollors it is actually quite perfect.  Especially for a spring or summer wedding!  Usually there is a cocktail hour where guests can walk around and socialize with drinks while the wedding party takes their photos.  This is a perfect time to break out your Rollors games. It is an easy game to play while wearing heels and having a cocktail in your hand.  It brings a fun element to the day of celebrating love.  It helps people socialize and get to know one another.
  2. Baby Showers. Rollors is a great game to have on event like this, especially if it is a co-ed baby shower.  If you are having a party at home or in a park, this game brings some kid-like fun to the mix.  Rollors is a great baby shower game to play if the couple doesn’t know the sex yet. Red discs can be for a girl and blue disks can be for a boy.  Each team can play for the gender that they think they baby will be.  It is also a great game to have on hand when the men are standing there awkwardly avoiding people who ask when they are getting married and starting a family.  They can play with a beer in their hand and helps breaks the ice with guests who just met.
  3. Family Reunions. Games are always great at family reunions.  It is the perfect social event to break out a game of Rollors.  Rollors is a great game for a family reunion because everyone can play this game.  No matter the age or skill level, this game is easy to learn and you can tailor it appropriately.  You can play Rollors while still having a fun conversation catching up on what everyone has been up to.  Young kids love playing this game too, helping keep them occupied and getting reacquainted with cousins while the grown-ups can do their thing.
  4. Game Day Parties. Hosting a big game viewing at your house?  Rollors isn’t just a tailgate game.  You can break it out whenever you are hosting a big game day party for any sport.  Whether it is watching a big basketball, boxing or hockey game, having Rollors game out to play will help make your party even more fun.  It brings out a fun competitive spirit out of everyone and can help get everyone else hyped up to watching the big event.
  5. Graduation Parties. Most graduation parties are held as open houses with the event residing outside, in a backyard or in a park.  Friends and family get together to celebrate a young new adult’s academic achievement.  Everyone loves the casual ease of an open house party.  People come and go as they please.  Rollors is a great game to have because not only will it appeal to the young adults but to older guests as well.  Everyone can play and have equal advantage.  It is also the perfect gift to give to a graduate.  It is a gift that they will be able to use for a lifetime. Whether it is bringing to all their future tailgating parties or to a new city where they have their first job, they are going to meet new people and will be so thankful that they have a great social game on hand. 
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