5 Reasons Why Your Family Should Have a Rollors Set

Family gathering

Families today are so busy. We shuffle from one activity to the next. Always trying to fill our schedule with as much as we can that we forget that the most important time that we can spend is with each other. It is important that we strive to make meaningful time with one another because a family bond is so important to a development of a young child. It is through family that young ones learn how to model positive behaviors as well as how to communicate effectively with one another.

One of the best ways to strengthen your family bond is through family night once a week. This is a great opportunity where you can set aside all that you must do and plan no activities for that one night where the only goal is to enjoy one another’s company. While going to a movie or playing a board game may be fun, a game of Rollors is even better. Here are 5 reasons why your family should have a Rollors set in your home now.

  1. Everyone can play Rollors. No matter the age or skill level, anyone can play. There are different variations of the game depending on your skill level. There is a children’s version and if you are looking for a bit more difficulty, there is an intermediate and advance rules as well. Rollors require just a modest level of physical activity making it easier to play the game while having fun conversations with your family. This is really a great game to play and easy to learn. You can quickly pick it up, which makes it even more fun to play.
  2. Rollors gets you moving. Rollors is a great game to get everyone outside and enjoy the sun. It gets people off of the couches and off of their tablets. There are so many mental and physical benefits of getting out outside. It helps improve vision, increases attention span and promotes social skills. Spending time playing a yard game outdoors can also relieve some stress. Seeing green spaces can really help decrease a child and adult’s level of stress. It also helps provide Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important because it helps kids from having future bone problems, diabetes and even heart disease.
  3. You can take Rollors anywhere. What is so great about this game is that it is not one that requires a lot of time or effort to put together and set up. You can play it anywhere and it is compact enough to tote anywhere as well. These beautiful wooden pieces can be carried anywhere as it is in a convenient carrying and storage bag. Everything about this game is made so well that you know you can haul it anywhere without having to worry about it getting damaged or destroyed. This game can be played on any flat surface. Take it to the beach, on a lawn or even on pavement. It plays well on anywhere.
  4. Rollors is a game you can keep playing over and over again. What most love about this game is that it is one that can be quite addicting! If you have a fun and competitive family or friends, the will constantly want to keep playing you to try to beat each other and become the champion. It is so much fun to play and it is a classic game that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Rollors is that type of game that will become a staple at every outdoor event. Whether it is tailgating, picnic, camping or any other fun event with great people, Rollors will inevitably be opened up and played.
  5. Rollors is a great ice breaker. Maybe you are having new friends over your house or maybe it is a bit hard to start the dialogue with your kids. Playing Rollors is great at breaking the ice by getting everyone moving and concentrating on playing the game rather than making small talk. Soon you will be amazed at how the conversations are flowing with no effort at all and how more relaxed everyone is. Rollors is a great game that gets everyone socializing because it is one of those few games you can play while having a relaxing conversation.


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