5 Games To Get Your Summer Guide to Outdoor Fun Started

lawn games: the perfect summer fun


No matter if you’re planning a backyard birthday party for an adult or kids, the best way to complete that party is with some backyard games. They can be competitive. They can be fun. They can be competitively fun. The first three we have here are an indoor game that has been supersized for outdoor fun:

Giant Dominoes

Maybe you taught the kids how to play dominos this winter when they couldn’t go outside. Nothing better than some family fun that happens to teach the kids how to count too right? Take that regular tabletop domino game, supersize it to life-sized game bones and play outside!

Giant Toppling Tower

Remember how much fun your kids had playing Jenga? Imagine how much fun they’ll have playing this giant version out in the backyard this summer? They’ll start with a game just over 2 feet tall and by the time they’re done, it’ll be 5 foot tall as it topples over. A game that takes creative thinking just got more fun outside.

Giant Connect Four

There isn’t a kid around that hasn’t played Connect Four at daycare, birthday parties, or in the bedroom with a sibling. Now there is a life-sized version that can give them even more fun and adults can join in too. Easy to tote around in the carrying case that holds the folded-up board and all the game pieces. A few minutes of quick set up and they’re good to go for a couple of hours of entertainment.

Lawn Bowling

If the local lanes are too busy during the summer, take this outdoor version to the backyard and see how many strikes each player gets. With the handy carrying case, you can take this game to the beach or a neighbor’s party.


What do you have when you take two cone-shaped goals made from wood, add six wooden discs, each handmade, then put them all in a handy carrying case? You get Rollors! The outdoor game that combines bocce, horseshoes a lawn bowling to create a game that once you play, you can’t forget it. Created and designed by an American Veteran with the help of other Veterans. If you can’t figure out what do for backyard or beach time fun this summer, Rollors is the game for you!


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