The Best Graduation Gifts for those Who Are College Bound

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Stumped on what to get the college bound graduate? While money is always very appreciated by all incoming students who are entering college for their first year, there are some awesome gifts that these students can definitely use and will also completely love. Please see below for our top gifts to give for those students who are college bound.

Dorm Room Groceries. This is a great gift idea and you can rest well knowing that your gift will definitely be used. Buy a plastic storage container, a flat one so that it can easily be pushed under the bed and fill it with their favorite treats. When the plastic container is empty they can then use it to store whatever else they would like or use it when they need to pack back up to go home.

A Water Bottle Filled with Quarters. Having a reliable water bottle on hand is just a great thing to have for anyone. You can fill it with water and carry it with you from class to class or study group.   Filling it with quarters is a bonus. A college student love having quarters because they can use it for the vending machine for a quick snack or they can use it when they are at the laundromat. Quarters are just lovely gift for college students.

Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker. This is a great gift to a college student because they can bring their speaker and play their music anywhere. Whether it is background music when studying, listening to great tunes while you are out tailgating or having their own impromptu dance party, this speaker is easy to take anywhere. You can personalize it with different color soft protection covers, charge it in the car and it has a range of at least 30 feet from your Bluetooth device.

Hipkey by Apple. If your grad is always loosing things, this is a great gift to give them. The Hipkey is a high tech way to keep track of all their valuables. You can attach the device to just about anything and it helps you find the item you are missing. Attach it to your keys, cell phone or even your tablet. No more worrying about them losing their items!

Rollors. Rollors is a great new game that can be played on any surface: lawn, beach or park. It is a fun game to play and great to have at tailgates or even when students need a much needed study break. This game is easy to learn and what is even better about it is that it compacts small for easy packing. Rollors combines Bocce and Horseshoes to make a challenging and exciting game that everyone can play. Your grad will be many uses out of this product over the course of their college career.

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