2021 Is Ready for Summertime Fun and Games


2021 Is Ready for Summertime Fun and Games

2021 Is Ready for Summertime Fun and Games

The pandemic restrictions are easing up, still need to be cautious, but we can get out and enjoy the summer this year!  Here’s the check list in case you forgot how to do summer:

  • Grill
  • Cold drinks
  • Lawn chairs
  • Games
  • Burgers, chicken, hot dogs

With those things all in place, you’re ready for fun and relaxation in the backyard or at the beach.  With some burgers, chicken, and hot dogs on that grill, your favorite beverages chilling, get these old and newer games out for a day of fun.


Horseshoes – a good old stand-by game that may be a classic from years gone by, but still fun in the backyard, on the beach, at the lake, wherever you can put poles in the ground.


A version of Ping Pong with a little volleyball added, that will give you some exercise while having fun. Spike the ball into the net so that it bounces up on the opponent’s and they catch it and return the volley. You’ll find other ways to play Spikeball in the box and this will be the game you won’t want to party without in the future!

Bottle Bash

Got a frisbee? Here’s an entertaining and fun game to play with a simple concept: Toss the frisbee toward the pole on the other side with the aim of knocking over the bottle. The opposing team needs to catch the bottle and frisbee before they land on the ground.


Still considered a new game, but it is rolling around the country entertaining gatherings and parties!  Rollors is a game of chance that requires the skill of aim. It has combined Horseshoes with Bocce Ball and Bowling for a level of fun that if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to this summer!

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