Earth Day – How Will You Celebrate It?

Earth Day – How Will You Celebrate It?Each year we celebrate “Earth Day” on April 22nd. This is a day that was put in place to bring forth more attention to our environment and how to preserve it for future generations. While it isn’t a holiday, it is a day that many will have some sort of celebrations and public gatherings. We’ll enjoy concerts, dedications and speeches all around the globe in recognition of this day. 

Earth Day isn’t one we celebrate in a place of worship or exchange gifts between each other. It is a day that we should vow to do what our part in preserving the air, land and waters that Earth is made of. The purpose of recycling is a reminder this day and the need to look for more ways to recycle and repurpose is brought to our attention.

Since it is in the beginning of spring, there are groups that clean up parks and ponds and others that plant gardens and trees. And while we should recognize the need to preserve Mother Earth and all she represents year long, this is one day that is more attention is given.

 After all those gatherings of family, friends and social groups, all the work will be celebrated afterward with parties and picnics. There is food made from the products that nature provides and we get out enjoying the fresh air and sunshine that represents Earth during the spring. All around the Earth, as we rededicate ourselves to preserving the Earth and enjoy the social activity this brings, we’ll also find ways to be entertained in smaller groups.

There will most likely be games for every age as we each enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth. A game of badminton, horseshoes or Rollors is sure to make its way into a group. As the adults listen to the dedications, speeches and discuss the actions we can all take to preserve Earth, the kids will find entertainment among themselves. The activities of the day are what will make the memories that last a lifetime and will sure to be a part of April 22, 2016.

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