Make Mother's Day Special With Family Picnics

Make Mother's Day Special With Family PicnicsIn 1909 the first known celebration of Mother's Day took place in West Virginia as a memorial for Anna Jarvis’ mother was held. Ms. Jarvis had been working to have a Mother’s Day established for three years prior that.

Here in America, the day is set aside the second Sunday of May to honor our mothers as well as the mother figures in our lives. This usually includes grandmothers and can also honor an Aunt, Cousin or any woman that has had a motherly impression on your life.

The day often starts with families attending worship together. Churches of all dominations have a sermon that is centered on honoring thy mother. A reminder of how she either gave us life or raised us to be the person we are today.

When the services are over, we depart for lunch and meals where mom doesn’t have to plan, prepare or even clean up afterward. Since May is a beautiful time of the year with spring flowers in bloom and trees full of green leaves. Backyards, lakes and parks are usually filled with gatherings of families. From cook-outs to picnic baskets, the mothers are often treated with a meal that in her children’s eyes and mind, is fit for a queen. This is usually done with a little help from dad, who will make sure there is a special gift for mom too.

With the family together, there will be kids that want to play and any properly planned outdoor event will have games for all ages. A game of Bocce, croquet, horseshoes or Rollors are games that every member of the family, from 2 to 92, can play. Divide into teams of kids against the mothers or kids against the dads.

After a day of outdoor activities, food and feast, we all come together again inside and thank mom for being there for us. Through thick and thin, bad or good, happy and tears, she’s often the rock of the family. Making her day a memorable one is one of the most important things we can do for her on the day set aside to honor her. Mother’s Day should be every day, but this one day is definitely meant to be her day.

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