School Is Out! Time To Party!

School Is Out! Time To Party!

School Is Out! Time To Party!

No matter what grade your kids are in, when school lets out, it is a time to party for them. Be the cool parent and help them plan a “School Is Out!” party for all their friends. Depending on the age, the party may just be on a Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours as kindergarteners celebrate their graduation to first grade. Or for middle school age kids, the celebration may be at night as they party like freshmen in high school.

Adult supervision is a must no matter the age during the party and adult help in preparing the party is always needed. Help your schooler with the menu and suggest healthy foods like fruits and veggies with low fat dips. Offer sugar free drinks and plenty of bottled water. When kids are able to take the bottle of water with them, they’re more likely to drink water 

Have plenty of entertainment on hand too. You can set up a corner with a table where they can play board games and have DVDs on hand with movies that are age appropriate. If you aren’t sure it would be acceptable by other parents, then you probably shouldn’t have it available.

Outdoor games are great for kids of all ages too. You can set up Bocce, horseshoes or Rollors and divide the kids in teams. Have age appropriate prizes for the winning teams. Choose prizes that are in theme with the grade the kids are advancing to next year. And for the younger kids, have a face painting table set up and incorporate some of the parents to help out.

Music is a must at these parties, it gets everyone in the mood and keeps the party alive. Like all the other aspects, the music should be age appropriate. Set up dance-offs between the kids with the parents as judges and have prizes for the winners.

If your home has a swimming pool, you want to be sure and have written permission from each parent. Make sure the invitation has the plans included so that the kids bring their suits, towel and sunscreen. Always have plenty of adults on hand that know how to swim and know CPR too. The safety of the kids is just as important to you as the fun is to them!

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