Valentine’s Day Unique Date Ideas

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Valentine’s Day Unique Date Ideas

It is safe to say that not everyone is a total fan of St. Valentine’s Day. Whether you are single or just not a fan of having a designated day to declare your love for someone, it is still a very celebrated holiday. So where did this Valentine’s Day originate from? Some say it started with St. Valentine of Rome who was imprisoned for preforming weddings to soldiers who were forbidden to marry under the Roman Empire. According to the legend, when he was imprisoned he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and would write her love letters signed “Your Valentine.”

So whether you are you are a fan of this holiday or not, if you are in a relationship most likely your significant other is expecting something special. Instead of doing the typical red roses, chocolates and dinner, it is time to dig into our creativity bucket and plan something amazing. Here are some unique Valentine’s Day ideas:

Indoor Picnic

You may live in an area where the weather isn’t quite favorable for a picnic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and do one indoors! For this to really work and come off as super romantic you have to go all out. That means putting away the coffee table, setting up a plaid blanket, and setting a basket filled with expensive takeout from his or hers favorite restaurant. Set up some candles and make sure you have the wine. This date will definitely earn you some brownie points.

Wine Tasting and Painting

There are a lot of these types of crafty places popping up and it’s such a fun activity to do especially if both are you have a little Picasso in yourselves. Schedule a night out at one of these great places where they teach you how to make beautiful masterpieces while you sip on some delicious libations. Many of these places are bring your own wine bottle, so pick up something extra special for this night out.  

Pretend Tourist

Though you may have been living in an area for many years, mostly likely there are still things you haven’t seen or visited. You and your significant other can pretend to be tourists and check out all the places and sights you have been meaning to go to. Google your city and be tourist together. You will find all sorts of activities, sites and events that you have either forgotten about or never new existed. Remember to bring your camera! Because what is a real tourist without their camera in hand?

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