Best Public Parks for Lawn Games

Best Public Parks for Lawn Games

Best Public Parks for Lawn Games

Public parks are a great way to enjoy the weather with your loved ones while enjoying nature. They are both beautiful and serene. Spending the day playing lawn games, having a picnic and hiking around to see the scenic views are sometimes just what the doctor called for to bring back the calmness in our busy day to day lives. What is great about taking a trip to a public park is that they are not only fun but they are cost efficient. It is a great way to spend with you family without breaking the bank. If playing your favorite lawn games in your own backyard is no longer cutting it anymore, visiting a public park is a great alternative. Here are the best public parks to visit where you can play games, picnic and enjoy nature:

Garden of the Gods. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful here that you will start to understand why they named it, Garden of the Gods. It is perfect for hiking and rock climbing and you don’t even have to be an expert as there is something for every skill level. They have 2 uncovered picnic areas that are in great locations where the ground is flat enough to play your favorite lawn game, such as Rollors. You can also horseback ride, take a Segway tour and bike.

Central Park. New York City, New York

Central Park is such a treat to New York City. This beautiful park is such an amazement as to how large it is and how it sits surrounded by this large city. It is truly a great escape from the bustling metropolis. There are so many things to do with your family it’ll be hard to choose which ones will fit in a day. You can rent a bike, catch Shakespeare in the Park performance, and participate in a yoga class in the spring. In the colder weather you can go ice skating or walk around to catch all their amazing Christmas light décor. Or you cannot do any of those activities and just relax on a blanket and have a picnic. There are many grassy areas to just hang out on, catch some sun and play some lawn games.

Millennium Park. Chicago, Illinois.

Located right in the heart of downtown Chicago is Millennium Park. This park is great to walk around in and see tons of works of art that visitors can interact with. The most famous one being the large silver bean called Cloud Gate by British born artist, Anish Kapoor. Millennium Park has beautiful gardens that offer hands on family and adult workshops. You can dine at the Park Grill, visit their many concessions or bring your own food a picnic on Millennium Park’s Great Lawn. The Great Lawn is also perfect for playing all your favorite lawn games!

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