Popular Games Being Played at College

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Popular Games Being Played at College

If you go to college in an area where the winters seem long and the first break of sun and anything above 50 degrees constitutes as bathing suit weather, then you know how wonderful it is to finally get outside, get a study break and play some outdoor games. For an outdoor game to be successful at college it should have these following elements: non expensive, easy to set up, have some sort of social aspect to it and most importantly: the ability to hold your beer and still be able to play. Here are some of the best outdoor games being played at college:

Cornhole (aka Bag Toss). This game is played with two boards across from each other. Each has a hole in the upper center. The goal is to toss as many of your 4 bags into the hole of the board. You can earn points not only by getting the bag through the hole but also on the board or by knocking your opponent’s bags off. This is a great game to play but the only downfall is the boards tend to be large and bulky making it hard to schlep around.  

Ladder Ball. This game, also known lovingly as Redneck Golf, is played with a ladder. The goal is to wrap your bollos (golf balls attached to each side of a string) at each rung. Each rung has a different point value. This game is fun to play with and pretty easy to compact. The only downfall is having to put it together. The plastic rungs and connectors tend to fall apart after some use.

Beer Pong. This game is a classic amongst the college crowd and has become quite the popular drinking game as well. All you need is beer, red solo cups, a table and most importantly a ping pong ball. Each team sets up their red solo cups, all filled with a bit of beer, at each end of the table. The goal is to throw your ping pong ball into your opponent’s cup. If you succeed they have to drink it. You win by eliminating all of their cups. Can you see why this is such a popular college game?

Rollors. This is a fairly new game but it is an up and coming one that we have started to see grow in popularity amongst the college coeds playing. This game is easy to pack up and even easier to set up. Combining the rules of both Bocco Ball and Horseshoes, it is an easy game to learn and even better – you can still play while holding your drink!

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