Best Spring Break Destinations

Posted on January 22, 2015 by Matt Butler

Best Spring Break Destinations

Best Spring Break Destinations

Spring break has become sort of a rite of passage for many college students. It is their way of taking a break from all the stress of exams and studying to just relax and party. Choosing the best location to celebrate this time in your life is crucial to making your spring break vacation the best. You don’t want to get to a place where you realize this is where old people migrate to or that this is their off season when you show up at the pool and realize no one is there. Here are the best spring break locations to vacation at:

South Padre Island, Texas. Known for their awesome beaches and even better clubs, South Padre is the spring break place to be. This is great place to vacation at if you are looking to stay in country and not hassle with getting a passport. It is generally known for being a family destination vacation throughout the year but during the month of March this place is perfect for students looking to party. With all night parties and being host to one of the largest electronic dance concerts (UME – Ultimate Music Experience) this is an amazing place to visit.

Cancun, Mexico. Looking for an affordable trip, where you don’t have to worry about going over your beer or food budget? Cancun is it! This place is a classic spring break destination. With all-inclusive resorts that also boosts some great night life you can eat and drink as much as you want as it has all been paid in advance. The only costs you have to worry about are any out of resorts excursions you plan to take. The beaches are endless and the parties are even better.

Dominican Republic. The Dominican has been gaining popularity over the years as an awesome destination for spring breakers. It is still affordable and only slightly more than Mexico. This place does have some great party spots but not nearly as many as its other counterparts. If you are looking for more of a relaxing vacation than a party every night and wake up with the worse hangover of your life, this may be more up you alley.

Daytona Beach, Florida. It’s an oldie but quite the goodie. Daytona Beach is known to be the leader in spring break destinations. Daytona and spring break are quite synonymous with each other. What makes it so great for spring breakers is that it is affordable, the weather is great and the party is even better. College co-eds have been heading to Daytona for spring break since our parent’s parents have been college. The know how to do spring break!



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