Best Beach Games

Posted on March 28, 2015 by Matt Butler

Best Beach Games

You have beach now for quite a while and that goal of getting the perfect tan to show off when you get back home has been achieved. It is time to put the book down and shut off the iPod. You are on spring break! This is the time to socialize, meet new people and enjoy the warm weather to its fullest. How do you do that? By playing some awesome beach games! Here are some awesome beach games to get the party going:

  1. Who doesn’t love to recreate that awesome scene in Top Gun? Grab your aviator shades and getting ready to burn off all that beer you have drank. All you need is some slight athleticism and you are good to go! This is an especially good game to play if you are looking to show off that well-kept body you have been working on. Enjoy hanging out with friends and sending the ball flying over the net. Be careful though, we wouldn’t want to play too hard and end up accidently smashing the volleyball in a possible spring fling’s face. It is happened way too many times on movies that it is bound to happen in real life.
  2. Bocce Ball. For those who of us who really don’t want to put our beer down, Bocce Ball is the perfect game. It is one of the oldest games in history and almost everyone knows the rules. All you need is some good hand eye coordination and a good tossing arm and you basically own the game. Get in teams and share in the competitive spirit. What an awesome way to get the conversation going with that girl you have been fancying for the past hour.
  3. What to step up your beach game? Break out the fairly new game of Rollors. Everyone loves to learn a new game and it is one that it so much fun to play. This game takes bocce ball to the next level by combining it with Horseshoes. It is easy to set up, easy to pack and take along with you anywhere. Another plus is you can still hold your drink and play!
  4. Sand Sculpting. Are you more of an artist? Want to show of those skills? Sand sculpting is still as much fun as it was when you were young and were making sand castles with your dollar store bucket. Get a few pals and make a bet. The worst sand sculpture buys everyone a round of drinks. Need a judge? I bet that good looking guy doing his best Iceman imitation while playing volleyball would love to help you out!



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