Top Five Best Tailgate Games

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It’s game day and the morning weather is crisp but with promise for a fairly warm afternoon. The grills are cooking with a multitude of delicious smells as everyone gathers together in celebration and support for a common team. Tailgating is one of America’s best traditions. It is a great way to get together with family and friends during the fall season and root for your favorite team. Although, the food may be the main event at a tailgate, it is the fun games that keep the party going. Some of the important qualities a great tailgate game should have is that you can play it easily outside, it’s easy and quick to learn and it’s easy to play with a beer in your hand. Below are the top five best tailgate games.

  1. Corn Hole. This game is a classic. Seen more often at tailgate parties, this game is easy to learn and lots of fun to play. You set up two boards that each has a hole in the center approximately 27 feet apart. Each team of two takes 4 shots to toss their bean bags so that it lands either on the board or better yet, through the hole. The team with the most points wins.
  2. Beersbie or also known as Frisbeer. A fairly new game to the tailgate culture, this is played with two sticks in the grown that balance a beer bottle on top. The goal of the game is to throw a Frisbee and try to knock the opponent’s beer of its pedestal. This is a great game but you do need a bit of space. It is also a game where a little Frisbee throwing skills is needed otherwise it’s easy to chuck a Frisbee unsuspectingly into another person’s tailgate.
  3. Flip Cup: A fun game that focuses on drinking. To play, each team (how many can fit across one side of a table) stands across from another team. They set their cups filled with beer in front of them. A relay race – the two people at the head of the table begin where the goal is to drink your beverage as fast as you can and then flipping your cup with one finger upside down on the table allowing the next person on your team to go. First team to finish wins!
  4. Ladder Ball: Another classic tailgate game. It does take a bit of set up as you put together a ladder that has three rungs. The goal of this game is to be able to toss your string of balls (a string with two balls attached at either end) and catch on the ladder. Each rung has a different point value. The person with the highest points wins. This is a fun game that everyone from all ages can play.
  5. Rollors: A fun new game to bring to tailgates, combines the aspects of bocce ball and horseshoes. It is a great game that is easy to pick up and can be modified depending on the age or skill level of the players. Easy to set up and put away, this is a great game to bring to tailgate.
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