Boredom Cures for Kids

“I’m bored!” How often as parents do we hear this from our kids? With a million of shows to choose from at any given time on the TV and the multitude of toys that our kids own, it’s hard to believe that they can be bored ever. Sometimes we need to help give our kids the extra push to use their imagination and be active. Here is a list of some fun and creative activities that not only beat the boredom blues but will keep them busy for hours.

  1. Cardboard boxes. Gather any empty cardboard boxes and set them up in a room. Give them crayons and watch your kid’s imagination go wild. They can pretend that they are in their own little cardboard box city or flying around in their space ship. The ideas are endless!
  2. Scavenger hunt. This takes just a bit of planning on your part but it is guaranteed to be lots of fun and will occupy them for quite a while. You can get them out of the house and outside in the backyard to look for all the treasures on their list. Items can be looking for acorns, a red leaf or cool shaped rock.
  3. Play yard games. This is also a great way to get them up and active is by having them play fun yard games outside. Many of these types of games are easy to learn and are easy to play. Multiple children of different ages can all enjoy. A favorite is the game Rollors. It combines Bocce ball and horse shoes. It can be played on any surface and what is even better is that it is mess free. Rollors is easy to pack up and put away.
  4. Bathtub painting. Like to try out the activity of painting but without all the mess? Bathtub painting is great idea! Especially for younger children who have a habit of getting more paint on themselves than the actual paper. All you need is white shaving cream, a little food coloring and some brushes for the perfect painting pallet. Kids will love creating masterpieces in the bath tub and what is even better is your children are already in the tub when you are ready to clean them up. All bath wall works of art can be washed off easily with the shower spray.
  5. Create a “Bored No More” Activity Jar. Grab a jar and have your children take turns thinking of a multitude of activity ideas to put on a Popsicle sticks. Activities can include items like coloring a picture or reading a book. You can also include activities such as clean their room or pick up their toys. The rule is that whatever Popsicle stick they choose, they have to do the activity written on it. You can even include some great charitable projects such as making cards to those who are sick in the hospital. The activities are endless!
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