Have Yourself A Green Monday!

Have Yourself A Green Monday!We know that Black Friday is the start of the holiday shopping and Super Saturday is the last really big day of last minute deals. So just what exactly is Green Monday then? eBay created this day when their business soared higher than any other in December 2007.

What everyone didn't get on Black Friday or Super Saturday, they went online to find the gifts they hadn't bought yet. For online shopping, Green Monday is the last day to order and expect delivery to arrive in time for the big day itself. For the online industry, the Monday before Christmas, Green Monday, is much akin to Cyber Monday.

After eBay's experience and their proclamation dubbing the day as Green Monday, other retailers such as Best Buy, JCPenney and Walmart adopted the term as well. Now Green Monday has became one of the biggest holiday shopping days right along with Black Friday and Super Saturday. 

Because many shoppers wait until the absolute last minute to do their shopping, this year's Green Monday is only 3 days before Christmas. Only if you are willing to pay the high cost of overnight delivery, you can't wait any longer to ship out those special gifts to family and friends far away than on Green Monday.

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