Are You Ready For Super Saturday? December 20th Is Getting Close!

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Matt Butler

Are You Ready For Super Saturday? December 20th Is Getting Close!

Are You Ready For Super Saturday? December 20th Is Getting Close!

Saturday's have always been a big shopping day, but the last Saturday before Christmas is the biggest shopping Saturday. What starts on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is in overdrive by Super Saturday. 

Retailers let loose with the big discounts and sales in an effort to boost their numbers for the year. Shoppers are ready to wind up their shopping or just starting their shopping are out in droves, getting those last minute good deals. With around $15 billion in sales, it is definite proof that the retailers know what they are doing and the shoppers are quick to take advantage of Super Saturday.

Not only does Super Saturday bring out the best of the best sales, but stores extend their hours too. Opening as early as 6am and closing at midnight up until December 23rd and some even till December 24th. It doesn't take a marketing genius to figure out why the last Saturday before Christmas is called Super Saturday. 

Even shoppers that have had their Christmas shopping list together for months, will wait until Super Saturday to get a much desired item like a game system, stereo or television. Those high ticket items are often marked down lower than you'll find them the rest of the year. Shoppers getting those last minute gifts will grab games like Checker, Monopoly or the outdoor game Rollers.

Rare known fact is that Super Saturday is also used in reference to non-holiday and non-shopping occasions as well. Such as when several related events take place on a Saturday, it may be called Super Saturday. The US Open has Super Saturday on the last day of the tournament. This takes place when both men's and women's semi-finals take place on the same day because of weather delays during the tournament.



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