Free Shipping Day Is Dec 18th

Free Shipping Day Is Dec 18th

This time of the year, the only thing anticipated more than Thanksgiving is Black Friday, which is followed close by December 18th, Free Shipping Day. While many people are anxiously excited about the day after Thanksgiving, more commonly called Black Friday, with all the discounts, freebies and sales, December 18th could be almost as popular. 

The day after Thanksgiving is one full of discounted products to lure shoppers to their stores. There are freebies, give-a-ways and sales galore, in hopes of buffing up sales and moving product. Holiday shoppers like this day, and get their Christmas shopping done. This is also a day that merchants and retailers look forward to as well. Their sales sky rocket and merchandise moves at a rapid pace. 

Then there are the shoppers that have other factors that concern them. They have loved ones in other cities, states or countries and will choose to wait until f December 18th for their shopping. Why? Every year, merchants and retailers will offer one day in the middle of December that is free shipping on all purchases. This year, 2014, that free shipping day is December 18th

Since free shipping is usually shipped the slowest method, if shipped by December 18th, packages and shipments will arrive on time for December 25th, Christmas. Then the grandkids and other loved ones as well as friends faraway, will receive your gift on the day it was intended.

The free shipping applies to all sorts of gifts in a variety of package sizes. From shirts and socks to indoor games like checkers to outdoor games like Rollors, they can be wrapped then boxed up for free shipping. They may be shipments going from California to New York, Montana to Texas or Florida to the UK, merchants are eager to help shoppers get their packages to the intended destination on time.

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