Beach Trip For The Winter?

Still Short A Gift Or Two?

Boy that winter weather has hit most of the country and it is cold and nasty! If you're one of those lucky folks that has a winter place to go where its warm, you know you'll need to take some things along with you to keep entertained. Especially if you have some weekend visitors with kids through the winter.

Something that is easy to pack, store and bring along is the new lawn game Rollors. This game packs up nice and tight in tidy carrier of its own and stores easy in the trunk. Not much space required for a game that all ages can enjoy and play to get hours of fun. Rollors is great for kids as old as 2 years and as young as 102 years.

You can pack it away in the trunk when everyone else is packing suit cases and surprise them later. Great for a beach side game that will even draw your neighbors in to play too. Combining horseshoes with Bocce, this game will include everyone, making the winter beach trip one they won't soon forget.

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