Veterans Day Is A Day Of Celebration Not Sadness

Veterans Day Is A Day Of Celebration Not Sadness

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month became the day we know as Veterans Day. The fighting came to end that day in 1918 and from that moment, Americans have taken the time to acknowledge the men and women who served in the American military.

“The Great War', World War I was a war between Allied Nations and Germany. Originally called "Armistice Day", the day is set aside to not only pay our respects to those who served but to world peace as well. It was 1954 before it became Veterans day, as proclaimed by President Eisenhower. For 7 years, it was actually celebrated in October on a Monday so that Federal employees would have a 3 day weekend. It was President Gerald Ford who signed a law for the official celebration to be in November as originally designated.

By 2001, a full week has been designated by the US Senate as "National Veterans Awareness Week" and for American students to be taught the importance of this day. That education includes students learning what contributions were made and sacrifices were made by both the men and women who served during WWI.

Veterans Day still brings a day out of school for many kids and a day off work for Federal employees. It also means a day of discounts and sales by merchants and retailers, some offered only to our Veterans and others are for the public. Many businesses offer cake or other treats to their customers, all with a patriotic touch. While this seems as though it would be a sad day, those surviving veterans would tell you differently and ask that you salute those who survived and those who are gone.


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