Family Olympics – A Great Family Night Idea

Family Olympics – A Great Family Night Idea

Looking to do something really awesome for family night? Family Olympics is where it’s at! Not only is a great way to spend time with your family, it gets everyone moving. It’s time to get off of the couch and put those cell phones and tablets away. Family Olympics are a great way to boost some competitive spirit into everyone while having a great time. Planning this requires a bit of preparation in advance but the fun is well worth it. Here are some great and creative tips at how to host your own family Olympics.

Plan YOU’RE events: Having fun events that everyone in your family can participate in is very important. Keep in mind the age range of everyone in your family and remember that they don’t have to have complete coordination to participate. Just trying is good enough. A good 5 events are plenty enough. Here are some of our favorite events:

  1. Balancing on balance ball: All you need is an exercise ball and a clear space. Make sure you have a stop watch so that you can time how long someone can balance sitting on it with their feet in the air without falling off. Record your times!
  2. Walking dice: Each person has a large Popsicle stick with a dice balanced at the end. The goal is to get from point A to point B the fastest without dropping your dice.
  3. Suck it Up: Using M&Ms and a straw, suck up a M&M and transfer them into another bowl. The first one to complete this task wins!
  4. Rollors: A fun outdoor game, this is great game to break out in teams and gives some of those little ones who are having a hard time racking up Olympic points to get on the board. Rollors are like Bocco and Horse shoes mixed together. The rules are easy to learn and it’s a fun event to work on a team.
  5. Hula-Hoop Contest: Keep your hula-hoop up the longest and you win. You and your family will have a laugh swinging those hips in an attempt to keep that hoop going. This is a pretty easy event with lots of giggles in between.

Get your Olympic metals ready! These are pretty easy to make by just cutting gold, silver and bronze paper circles and attaching them to a ribbon as a neckless. If you want to step it up, you can use gold, silver and bronze ribbon and have a candy bar hanging from it. Kids love this extra treat and might bring out even more of the competitive side in them. Make sure you end the night with a closing ceremony by tallying up everyone’s points and handing out metals accordingly. It will sure be a family night that everyone will remember!

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