How to Throw the Best Halloween Bash!

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Terrified about throwing a Halloween party? Don’t be! Halloween is such a fun holiday as it brings out the kid in everyone. It is the one day out of the year that we are not too old to wear a fun costume, play pretend and eat lots of delicious treats. Here are our best tips on how to throw the best Halloween bash:

  1. Invitations: If you really want to set the tone for your party, it is important to send out fantastic invitations. It will get your guest excited to come while giving them a reminder to figure out what their costume is going to be. There is nothing worse than having a Halloween party with a bunch of people who didn’t dress up because they couldn’t think of something to go as. Make sure you mention that it is a dress up costume party right from the get-go in the invitation.
  2. Décor: Get creative! There are so many great DIY Halloween decorations that you can make and not have to spend a lot of money. Want to make your home look eerie? Drop white sheets all over the furniture and cobwebs around them. An extra bonus is now your furniture is protected!
  3. Food: The best type of food at a Halloween party is finger foods. They are easy to make and twice as easy to eat. Minimize all those dirty dishes you have to clean and keep it simple. No one wants to take the chance of ruining their costume! Come up with some fun Halloween inspired food. Pretzel sticks covered in chocolate with a slivered almond as the nail looks just like a finger and little pumpkin rice crispy treats are delicious treats.
  4. Drinks: Want to really impress your guests? Have a ghoul inspired signature drink! One of our favorites is Spritely Ghost Punch.   Don’t forget to use the dry ice. Your guests will love the fog that rolls out of the punch bowl and will give your décor an even more spooky flare.
  5. Games: Halloween games are a great way to keep the party going and also break the ice with guests who have just met together. Whether it is the traditional Halloween game such as bobbing for apples, it is nice to have other games available to play. An easy game that is easy to set up and easy to learn is called Rollors. This can be played on any surface and the rules are easy to catch on. Just set it up in your backyard and your guests will enjoy being able to play while keeping their drinks in hand.
  6. Take Pictures: A fun extra is putting up a Halloween photo booth. Your guests will enjoy Instagram-ing and facebook-ing their favorite pictures. Have fun props to play with in their pictures and a large picture frame that they can hold. It is great to see those pictures after the party is all said and done so that you can make the guests who didn’t show up super jealous that they weren’t there!
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