Five Awesome Thanksgiving Activities

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Matt Butler

Five Awesome Thanksgiving Activities

Five Awesome Thanksgiving Activities

The holidays can be a crazy time but it is also a reminder that it is time to slow down and spend time with your family. One of the best things about Thanksgiving is seeing family members and friends that you may not haven’t seen in a while and catching up right where you left off. It is a perfect time to make fun memories and reconnect with your love ones. Thanksgiving isn’t just about watching the big game and eating great food. To make this holiday more memorable here are some great family activities to do this Thanksgiving.

  1. Volunteer: Family volunteering strengthens families and it helps the younger members appreciate what they have and develop compassion and empathy towards others. Volunteering as a family is a great way to give back to the community while making great memories. After all, Thanksgiving is the time to remember what we are thankful for. You can work together at a soup kitchen, clean a park together or just offer to help a neighbor by racking their leaves.
  2. Break out the outdoor games: There is nothing more fun that enjoying the crisp fall air with warm cider and donuts while taking in all those beautiful fall colors. Having a great game to play outside with the family is just another bonus. You can break out the horse shoes or corn hole game but if you are looking for a new fun game that all ages in your family can enjoy, Rollors is it! It is a great game a perfect outdoor game. If you are a fan of horseshoes or Bocce, Rollors combines them. Everyone will love it!
  3. Talent Show: While the game is going on, have all the kids plan a talent show for the adults. They will love to put on skits, play music or show off their many talents and creativity. Their show can be a great after dinner entertainment.   Make sure that you video tape their show. You will appreciate it even more when you can watch it again 10 years later!
  4. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: Looking for a little family friendly competition? Break out into teams and set up a fun Thanksgiving treasure hunt around the neighborhood. Make a list of fun things for each team to look for such as three different color leaves, pinecones or homes that already have their Christmas decorations up. It will be a great way to walk off all of that food you ate.
  5. Do a Thanksgiving Craft – There are so many fun and creative Thanksgiving crafts out there to do. Whether it is painting pinecones or pumpkins, it is a fun activity that every one of all ages can enjoy. You will also have something you can keep forever! Check out to get inspired with some great Thanksgiving craft ideas. You can have everyone make something that they can decorate their home with or even make something you can eat later.



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