Best Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

If you come from a large family, Christmas shopping can be a bit daunting and can get very costly. My mother is the eighth of nine children who all happen to live in the same city. Nonetheless, Christmas time is as much fun as it is crazy with the amount of family members all in one place. It is impossible to purchase a gift for everyone and even if you had the money, trying to figure out what everyone wants and then tracking it down would take so much time that you would need to take a couple days off just to get it and then to wrap all those gifts! This is definitely not an enjoyable way to enjoy your holiday season.

Getting a gift that a whole family can enjoy is not only a wonderful Christmas gift idea but it is also great easy on your wallet. You can get into the spirit of the season without putting yourself in the hole financially or stressing yourself out further. Here are some great gift ideas to give to a whole family that will make you their favorite Santa Clause this season!

  1. Board Games: Getting a family a board game is a great gift. Most kids are either too busy playing their video games while parents are on their tablets. This is awesome to have to encourage family nights in and is great to have on hand during those stormy days where the electricity goes out. They will be thankful to have these board games to play when everything else seems to need electricity!
  2. Movie Night Basket: Load a basket with some of your favorite movies, add some popcorn and candy. Top it off with a beautiful red bow and you have a great gift that all members of the family can enjoy. With everyone off during the Christmas season, movies are great on a snowy night with your favorite people lounging on the couch watching some great flicks.
  3. Lawn Games: All that eating and gluttony that we participate during the holidays will make everyone want to get up and move around. Getting them a great outdoor game is a great gift idea for any family. One great outdoor game that can also be played inside in either your basement or garage is Rollors. It can be played on any flat ground surface and is easy enough for children of all ages can enjoy as well as adults.
  4. Membership to a local learning Institution: If the family lives close to the zoo, aquarium or a children’s museum, a membership to these places are a great gift! Many of these places offer a family membership at a discounted price. With lots of activities and events planned at each place, you are giving them a great gift that they can use year round.
  5. Baking Supplies: Put together a great baking cookie kit with all of supplies you will need such as flour, sugar, sprinkles, cookie cutters and everything else they could possibly need. Baking together as a family is a great way to spend time together. They may even turn your gift into a great family tradition. All the kids will enjoy cutting and decorating the cookies and everyone will certainly enjoy eating all of them!
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