Great Ideas On Your Great Day-To Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable



An exciting experience in everyone’s life is wedding, a day where you will be the most sensitive and super emotional. A wonderful day in a person’s life, though you may be ready to spend millions and lots of time, but most of them don’t know how to make this great day memorable leaving the wonderful comment of ’it is the best’. Not the food or cake, make the guests involve in the process and sentiments of the day, to make the occasion stand out.

What you can do on your wedding reception?

Dance, an attraction on every wedding reception; think the other way surprise everyone with a “wish dance”, let the couple dance first, a perfect chance to shock everyone as it totally put the guests in a loop which will start the tone for a sparkling dance party. Give everyone a chance to dance, set the mothers also take part in this by setting a table mainly oriented for the kids offering them some crayons or arranging a magic show that can attract kids. Forget about the ringing bells and the clinking glasses and give a chance for your guests to sing some beautiful love songs giving the couples a chance to smooch during the occasion. Be ready with photos of your family members and friends; keep the photos on beautiful frames on their table to surprise them. Guest books are precious, don’t end up keeping it in a closet rather be ready with a guest book with some photos and make it different so that you can display it at your home. Ask your guests to write an unforgettable memory with you that is the couples, so don’t forget to place a glass bowl with some plain cards.

Your vows can be read to candlelight where all the guests are given candles once they enter the venue. Attention bridesmaid and groomsmen, be ready to light the candles and pass it when the couples are ready with your wedding vows, something that can bring in a romantic touch to a powerful and sentimental moment. Think of a grand different exit from the wedding venue by a race done through wedding sparklers, ski poles or even a boat oars. Keep in mind that something different will make the guests really appreciate your arrangements and make this wonderful day in your life an everlasting memory in the hearts of those who attended the occasion.

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