Best Backyard games for kids to grow with

Posted on March 15, 2015 by Matt Butler

Best Backyard games for kids to grow with

Best Backyard games for kids to grow with

It is important for children to play outside. There are many health benefits associated with this. With so many gadgets and channels on TV, it is sometimes easy to forget that it’s important to shut those devices off and get your kids out of the house. In a study reported by Optometry and Vision Science, it found that children who spend more time outside than indoors have better distance vision. It also increases attention span and helps reduce stress while providing vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important to a child’s growth. It helps prevent future bone problems, diabetes and even heart disease. They get this vitamin D from the outdoor sunlight.

Another great benefit is that it helps promote social skills. Through games children learn about taking turns as well as other social skills. Backyard games are a great activity for kids of all different ages. They are fun and engaging for not only them but you to play with as well. See below for a list of great backyard games that your children can grow with and continue to play with for a long time.

  1. Bocce – This game is played with two teams, each trying to land or roll a ball as closely as they can to a smaller ball. This can be played on soil, asphalt, or backyard. This game is great for young kids and is easy enough instructions for them to learn.
  2. Cornhole – Also known as bag toss this game is played by trying to throw bags into a board that has a hole in it. You can modify this game to work with younger kids by placing the boards closer together. The rules are easy to learn and most often, young kids such as toddlers find great joy in just climbing the boards and putting the bags in the hole.
  3. Croquet – This game has wire hoops that are rooted into the grass to form a course. The goal is to use a mallet and hit the ball through the wire hoops throughout the course first. This is great at developing hand eye coordination for young kids. Many times you just need to start playing and will find you and your family can make up your own rules for the game.
  4. Rollors – Rollors is a fairly new game on the market but it is tons of fun and everyone in family can enjoy playing. You can play it anywhere and is quite easy to learn. This game combines Bocce and Horseshoes. The difficulty of the game can be customized and you can choose the desire of difficulty.
  5. Ladder Ball – This has a golf component to this game with two golf balls connected together by a piece of string. The goal is to throw it to a small plastic ladder so that it wraps around one of the bars. The game is pretty easy to learn for kids and can be customized to make it a bit easier by stepping closer to the ladder so that it is not so far to toss the golf balls.

Whatever the game you choose to play with your family, there nothing better than getting your kids outside and making some fun memories together!



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