How to Be Tailgate Ready

Posted on September 27, 2014 by Matt Butler

How to Be Tailgate Ready

How to Be Tailgate Ready

You may be bummed that summer is coming to an end but the bright side is that football season has begun. The warm hot days will soon be replaced by chilly mornings spent setting up your tailgate in preparation for an all day party as you count down to kick off. Tailgating before a football game has gain a lot of popularity over years and has become quite the tradition for many people during the fall season. No longer just a time to meet before the game for a few drinks and couple of hamburgers - people are stepping up their tailgates. From fancier cuisine to better outdoor games, tailgating has become quite the affair. Looking to impress this year and step up your own tailgate? Here are top 5 tips to making your football tailgate stand out against the rest.

  1. Plan your menu - The food menu at any tailgate is the main event. It is the star of your party and what people will remember the most. Think of your menu beforehand and you can plan everything you are going to need around it. Step outside the norm of hamburgers and hotdogs and do something unique and awesome. Want to really impress? Deep fry a turkey or have a seafood boil. Make sure you prep your food the night before. Remember to put as much effort as you can in providing great and memorable eats!
  2. Supplies – Once you know what you are going to serve you can then plan the supplies you are going to need. Some of the basics are a folding table, tent, chairs, utencils, plates and don’t forget your red solo cups! Anything that you can quickly dispose of or easily pack away is best. You want to set up quickly and you want to break down just as fast to make it to the football game.
  3. Music – A good tailgate knows to provide some good music. It sets the tone of your party. Pick upbeat songs and don’t forget the classics. If you are tailgating at a college game, throwing in their fight song every once in a while doesn’t hurt either.
  4. Games – There are classic games such as Corn Hole and Ladder ball that are always great to play but if you really want to impress consider bringing a new game called Rollors. Rollors is a great game that everyone in all ages can enjoy. Easy to learn, it compacts small and is easy to pack with the rest of your tailgate gear. It can also be played on many types of surfaces so it works great if you are tailgating on grass or pavement.
  5. Consider the Weather – Make sure you plan taking consideration of the weather. If it is forecasted to be very cold, dress in layers and it is always nice for your guests to have a portable heater. It is also great to have hand and feet warmers readily available too. You can buy these in bulk in most superstores. It is also nice to have some disposable ponchos just in case it rains. Not only is this nice to have for your guests just in case they forgot theirs but it also helps keep the partying going.

And most importantly – have fun! Tailgating is a great way to get together with friends and family to root for your favorite team.



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