7 Things to do at a BBQ

7 Things to do at a BBQ

The gang is all here, family, friends, co-workers (maybe) and the grill is fired up, food on it getting cooked to perfection. So what is there to do until the food is ready? We here at Rollors have a few ideas for you:

  1. Games, games and more games – Of course we suggest you pick up your own Rollors game set since it's fun for everyone and so awesome to play! Think Bocce Ball meets Horseshoes! Think about the people attending your BBQ and what they might want to play and set up game play based on what they might want to do.
  2. BBQ Grill Class – Not everyone has experience running a BBQ Grill, so let folks know before hand, that you are going to be teaching the basics while they watch. There are great videos online on BBQ cooking, but nothing like watching a Master of the Grill work his/her magic in person.
  3. Matchmaking – Ok, I admit, this is not my “thing to do” but my wife's. But it is a great environment to introduce people to each other. It is a casual setting, and between the food, drinks and games, it is very easy to get to know someone who you haven't met before or get to know that person that you sort of know.
  4. Network – Here is where work and pleasure can mix. I have been to a few networking BBQ's that were: A. Fun and B. Profitable. Met and made new friends who ended up being future customers. Also if you are involved in your kid's school or team activities, it is a great way to get the parents together to plan for future games/events that are coming up in a more relaxed setting than the school gym or PTO meeting space.
  5. Celebrate Something! - Where I live, engagement party BBQ's are becoming popular again. Got a summer birthday? That is just screaming for a BBQ! And Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day are traditional BBQ parties in my house.
  6. Try Something New – I used to stick with serving the standard BBQ items: Hot Dogs, Burgers, Brats and the like. But recently I have expanded to kabobs, grilled veggies, lamb and pork roasts. My friends are now used to me using them to experiment my new BBQ grill ideas on. And no one has gone to the emergency room!
  7. Reconnect – I am an Army Veteran, and it had been 20+ years since I saw some of the men and women I was lucky enough to serve with. So I decided to find them via social media and see if we could all get together for a 20 year BBQ reunion and reconnect. BBQ was a great setting for the party, because this group used to grill no matter where we were deployed. Not everyone could come for various reasons, but it was great to see and reconnect with these old friends who were and still are an important part of my life. This applies to any group of people you might have fallen out of touch with. 

BBQ's are the perfect setting for just about anything, so get your grill fired up, food prepped and get ready for a good time!

by Ed Morris (for Rollors LLC)

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