The Must-Haves For Any BBQ Or Picnic

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The Must-Haves For Any BBQ Or Picnic

With the hot summer coming to an end, many of us will start planning Labor Day BBQ and picnics. To honor the purpose of Labor Day and as a way to wrap up summer too. For a lot of us, summer has just been too hot to do much outside, so we look forward to the cooler temps in September. So off to the beach or lake we go!

 As you start to plan this next gathering of family and friends, get a check-list gathered to make sure you don't forget anything! Will the area you're heading have picnic tables? If not, make sure you bring portable fold-up tables and if you don't have one, your local big box store has them for about $30 to $40, an investment that you'll get a lot of use from.

Tradition is to bring paper cups, forks, knives, plates and spoons which work just great. For those who are more concerned about the environment though, consider buying a package of inexpensive plastic wear that can be washed, put away and reused. Today you can get them in an array of bright colors to make your next BBQ or picnic a festive event. 

Of course you need to make sure you have plenty of charcoal, lighter and matches! Or the propane tanks are full and ready and have the cooking utensils too. Don't forget all the making for the hamburgers, hot dogs like cheese, lettuce, tomato and you can never have enough buns! Along with the chips, pickles and something sweet for dessert is a must. 

Take along plenty of blankets, chairs and cots. If the place you're heading to doesn't have many trees, take some umbrellas and plenty of sunscreen of all SPF levels for that fun in the sun. Speaking of fun in the sun, don't forget some games that everyone can play. 

The horseshoes and volleyball game are a standard, but this year bring something different new like Rollors. This is a game that kids from 2 to 92 to can play with ease and the whole group can have fun. Easy to pack up and carry and easy to pack up and bring back home without taking up much room in trunk!

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