Just What Are “The Dog Days of Summer?

Who hasn't heard the expression "dog days of summer”? From our grandparents to commercials, its a common expression heard all over the country. Did you know that there is actually a “dog day of summer” time frame though? Well it was over early part of August, which for most of the country, doesn't make sense in the way of the weather being that it is REALLY getting hot now.

Anyway, the “dog days of summer” come twenty days prior to and finish twenty days after Sirius, the “dog” star rises and falls again, all in conjunction with the sun. So no, this phrase really has nothing to do with the triple digit temps of summer. It come from a celestial origin and is based on the activity of the brightest of all stars, Sirius. 

It was the ancient Romans who determined that heat was added to the sun's heat and thus, created a stretch of weather that was hot and sultry and well, miserable. During those 40 days Sirius, the “dog” star rises with the sun and the Romans believed that it was that combined heat that made our weather hot.

So what does that have to do with a yard game like Rollors? Nothing really, other than you know why you're so hot when you're out in the backyard or at the beach playing this new game with your family and friends! Take the time to relax during the “Dog Days of Summer” and play a few rounds of Rollors then jump in the pool or run out in the ocean to cool off. Summer is short, so enjoy those 'dog days' while you can!

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