Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want

Housewarming Gifts People Actually Want

The first part of the year seems to be filled with baby showers, graduation announcement and weddings. Then the next few months seem to be filled with holidays and housewarming gifts. It may be a couple just bought their first home or a family is moving into a larger home. Maybe you know an older couple that is downsizing to a new home or even a college student on their way to live off-campus this year. 

Regardless the reason for the housewarming, you want the gift you give to be one they will like and actually use, right? There are the fancy serving dishes that they may ooo and aaahh over, but chances are it will get put away and may be used during a holiday dinner, maybe. Make sure the gifts you give are something they really want and can use, be a little bit different than everyone else.

A gift card is always a good stand-by, especially for the handyman and DIY people. The local hardware store is probably where they are going to be spending a lot of time, and money, so a gift card from there will be appreciated and you can bet it will be used! If you know the homeowner's hobby and interest, you can always give them a gift that will fit them on a personal level.

These days, many people will register for gift ideas at department stores. This is always a great help because they are telling you what they need and want. It could be anything from the bath and kitchen departments to glass center pieces or art work for the living room. Sometimes a bottle of champagne or wine is the gift that beats all gifts! 

Or go with something different and fun for a change. Get a game that will last for years like Bocce, Croquet and Rollors. These are gifts that they can break out at the housewarming party and again and again and again. With each family and friend gathering, they'll have a these games to entertain their guests. For the older couples with grandkids, giving them a game is something you can be certain will be enjoyed by them and more!

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