Family board game night or Family game night

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Family board game night or Family game night

Have your kids been coming and going all summer long? Are you having trouble wondering which kids are yours and which ones are friends and neighborhood kids? It may be time for Family Night! Choose a night each week, it doesn't have to be the same night, and let everyone know they are expected to be home and without company for dinner.

Then have a fun dinner like hot dogs and roasting marshmallows or family pizza night where everyone makes their own special pizza. After everyone has ate and you've tossed the paper plates (yeah, give yourself a break too mom!), bring out some board games or card games. Sit around the patio table and play or join together at the dining room table or in the den. It doesn't matter where you gather and it doesn't matter what games you're playing.

The night is all about the family and having fun together. You could even make it Family Saturday Morning day instead. Let everyone know that one Saturday morning a month, nobody goes anywhere or has anyone over then make a stack of pancakes and a pile of bacon. Or have a Family Sundae Day on Sundays and every one makes an ice cream sundae with their favorite toppings. 

By incorporating games with a family meal time, you'll bring the bonds of your kids closer to you and each other. The memories you build for them and yourself will be priceless and everlasting because there is a good chance, they'll carry on this tradition with their own kids and grandkids.  How much fun will it be when your grown children come home with their kids to have a Family Sundae Time.

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