Pull The Family Together With A Backyard Game!

You met and married the love of your life what seems like just yesterday, then you build a family and life is busy. There are ball games to get to and dance recitals to watch, homework to be completed along with the daily a grind of school for the kids and work for the adults. Seems as the kids get older and their lives get busier, everyone heads in their own directions, especially after the kids start driving.

The past decade or so, it has become more prominently recognized that families are scattered and perhaps the youth of today is suffering from all that busyness. So the tradition of family-board-game-night has started in many homes around the globe. While many families may have already done something such as this, even if it is just requiring all members to show up for Sunday dinner, it is becoming more widely done around the globe.

As summer approaches though, why not take that family time outside to the backyard? Instead of family-board-game-night or family-movie-night, both of which are excellent ideas in the winter, take it outside to play physical games.  A game of Bocce, horseshoes or Rollors can be great family games that competes the kids with the parents or boys versus girls. Maybe even dig out grandma and grandpa's old croquet set and teach the kids a “new” game.

There is nothing better than to bring a family together for a couple of hours once a week than an outdoor game.  The exercise is wonderful both physically & mentally. Get them kids out of the house but keep them home and even entertained! Even those teens that are bored and restless will find the challenge entertaining and probably have more fun than they will admit.

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