Backyard Games Can Teach Kids Things

Posted on July 31, 2014 by Matt Butler

Backyard Games Can Teach Kids Things

Backyard Games Can Teach Kids Things

We have talked about how playing outdoor games in the backyard can bring family together outdoors in place of family-board-game-night or family-movie-night for fresh air and exercise. This is something that experts are saying we need to have more of and pull the kids away from computers, television and video games. Playing games in the backyard with the family is healthy and the memories you'll create will be priceless to everyone. 

Organized sports are great for teaching kids things like sportsman like conduct as well as following rules, but you can begin this at a much earlier age at home with backyard games. Backyard games are also a way to teach your kids some valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. With a game like Rollors, where the pieces are numbered, it can be a learning tool for the younger kids to learn how to add and count. What a great way to sneak in some math practice!  

They learn how to create a team not based on ability but based on just choosing sides for fun. A backyard game on family night can teach your kids to follow rules, but in a relaxed manner. It teaches them that not every game we play has to have a winner that gets rewarded but still has fun. A backyard game like Bocce, horseshoes or Rollors will get them some exercise while having fun and the things that they will learn will be priceless for the rest of their lives. 



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