Turn A Boring Long Saturday Into A Fun Rolling Saturday

For most us, most of the summer is busy. The kids have some staying up late and sleeping late to do, just because they can. They have sleepovers and swimming, bikes and videos keeping them busy. Memorial Day brings them family camping and cookouts. Fourth of July brings camping, cookouts and fireworks. Then there is the week or two that family vacations like seeing the Grand Canyon and the grandparents.

But then, once all the initial summer excitement settles down, there are some boring, empty, long Saturdays of just sitting around the house. “There's nothing to do mom!” or “I'm bored Dad.” rings through the house. For the stay-at-home or work-from-home parent, those days get really, really, long and tiring. While you can think of 1000 chores that could be done, you know that won't occupy them for long and will most likely be met with arguments anyways.

So pull out some games from the attic or garage and show them how you had fun when you were a kid! From checkers and dominoes to croquet and horseshoes, these are games that kids today don't know about! A quick 'pickup' game of an old-school game can be more fun than those video games they get for birthdays and Christmas presents. Start a family play-off with Chinese checkers if its too hot to be outside 

Or if getting them outside is the plan, then pull out a game like Rollors. Its a new game, but it has the old-school concept of using your body to play and adding your own score up in your head. This can get them outside and moving, which is getting them exercise, but you don't have to tell them that!  When they're having fun and laughing, challenging each other and building team events from this game, why spoil it by telling them they are getting some exercise?

Once you've shown them the fun that can be had without some kind of electronics or requires going somewhere, they will be able to make their own fun the next Saturday that's boring, empty and has the tendency to be very, very long. When you notice they haven't been whining how bored they are next time, take a peak outside and you'll probably find them enjoying an old-school game like horseshoes or a new-school with old-school charm like Rollors.

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