Back To School - Games To Get Them Thinking Again

Back To School - Games To Get Them Thinking Again 

The kids have been having fun this far with a busy summer. The camping, the friends, the swimming and sleeping late. They've been to see every movie that came out this summer from Godzilla to Mr. Peabody and everything in between. Some kids have been to a camp and other kids spent a week or two with grandparents. The family vacations were fun and memories made for that first day of school report “My Summer Vacation” that just about every school kid has to write.

As summer winds down though, you're getting school clothes and school supplies ready. Are the kids getting ready though, mentally? They've probably have read a book or two over the summer, many schools send summer reading home with kids these days.  So even if they are having a lazy summer, what can be more relaxing than chilling with a book of interest, even for kids?

How about their math skills though? Especially younger kids going from kindergarten to first grade or first to second and even the middle school grades. Adult think once you know how to add and subtract, you'll never forget, but for many kids, math is the last thing on their mind during the summer 

One way to get their math skills sharpened up is playing games that require adding scores. Whether its a board game like Monopoly, they have to count spaces to move and count their money too, or a simple back yard game like Rollors. With a new game like Rollors, their interest will be peaked and they'll be adding their score and not even realize they are using their basic math skills! Sneaky huh?!

Create some new rules with the basics of the game and have them subtract their scores from the first game to see who gets to zero first! Then they have practiced their adding one round and their subtraction the next round. With the fun and laughter they'll have trying to beat each other, they'll never realize that you have them getting their minds sharpened up before that first school bell rings. 

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