How To Stay Entertained Before The Firework Show

How To Stay Entertained Before The Firework Show

Fourth of July celebrations are so exciting! There are camping trips planned around the day. There are cookouts and parties planned or we head to local parks and stadiums to see the sky light up in bright colors with lots of bang, crack and pop to go along. That colorful show doesn't start till after dark though, so we have the whole day to find entertainment and fun.

For those of us that gather on a beach, we'll go swimming along with enjoying our picnic. For those of us that gather at the lake, we'll fish, ski, swim as well as cook out and enjoy the company. Still though, just before dusk arrives, and we start getting our blankets laid and the lawn chairs set up, or the tailgate to the pickup down, there is some quiet time. 

That quiet time can start getting filled with restlessness, and not just from the little kids! This is the perfect time to pull out some games and keep everyone busy until the sky grows dark.  There are several outdoor games to keep the adults and the kids occupied too. Set up horseshoes or Rollors on the beach or the banks of the lake.

Both are games that are easily packed up and carried along without taking up too much space and they can be played by kids of all ages. It doesn't matter how old or how young you are, that waiting period just before the fireworks begin is full of anticipation and flavored by boredom. A game like these can keep the group entertained while bringing everyone together as we celebrate our Nation's 238th birthday!

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