Hosting Your Next Family Backyard BBQs

Isn't it funny now we just seem to naturally congregate at the same house for certain activities. Maybe we all go to our favorite Aunt and Uncle's home for Thanksgiving and our Grandmother's home for Christmas. These holidays are often like a family reunion with adults, teens and young children all under one roof.

After the formal festivities though, it is good to move to the den and watch our favorite football teams or sit around the table and chat. Then kids usually get bored and if the weather is permitting, they would much rather be outside after the festivities!  So when you are the host of these traditional events, have some games in store for the kids to take out in the back yard and release all that energy!

Games that you can easily store in the garage like Bocce, croquet, horseshoes or Rollors can be perfect for kids of all ages. Send them outside with one of these games and you probably won't see them until the desserts are brought out! Even the adults will see how much fun the kids are having with Rollors and will join in the fun. Once you've brought out the games, you can probably guarantee that next years event will be at your place with no argument.

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