Make Some New Memories At Your Next Family Reunion

When spring and summer arrive, families get together for those Family Reunions. Everybody either chips in for a catered event or they have pot luck and everyone brings a dish. Either way, the food is delicious and the memories flow as everyone laughs and talks about the years before. There may be tributes to those who departed since the last Family Reunion and pictures are snapped, old pictures are passed around.

The best thing about a Family Reunion though is knowing that you're making new memories to be shared at future gatherings! Lot of laughter, maybe a few tears, but all-in-all, these are the things that memories are made from .

What better memories to make and to share than everyone is to set up some games for everyone to play? From Bocce, croquest, horseshoes and Rollors, these will take the boredom out of the day for the kids that dread these family gatherings. Let's face it …. Family Reunions are more for the adults, especially the grandparents and great grandparents. Kids really don't care about all of the memories and pictures.

So whether you are the one planning the next Family Reunion or simply just attending, bring along one of the games that pack up neat for easy carrying. When the kids are getting restless, pull the game out and see how quick the kids start to have fun!  There's a good chance many of the adults will get in the game and then create teams. One cousin and their family versus another cousin and their family.

Family Reunions – the place where the fun begins and the memories are made!

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