History of Lawn Games - Part II

Bowl game is one of the most popular lawn games and is enjoyed by many people. The history of bowl games can be dated back to early 1900s, when it was more of a football game. The first game was played between Michigan and Stanford, in which the former were victorious by 49-0. It was launched by the Tournament of Roses association and in 1916 it saw a new dimension where a tournament under their sponsorship saw light. However in 1923 this game began to be played in the famous Rose Bowl stadium. As the name suggests, the game then came to be known as the Rose Bowl game. The other organizations were inspired by the success of such a game and then aspired to launch the game and obtain the best marketing out of it. Hence the game became a common issue in many regional festivals and in college football games. However the name “Bowl” remained tagged with it ever since, even though the game is not always played in bowl shaped stadiums.

Cricket is another game that has huge historical importance. Its root lies in England and its invention happens to be in the 16th century. The international matches were started playing in 1844. However the official history of cricket was marked with the first international Test match in 1877. With advancement of time it then became popular in the commonwealth nations immensely.

Croquet spread overseas like a wild fire during the 1860s and many nations are now fond of it. The rule book registered by Isaac Spratt in 1868 became immensely popular and it boasted of fantastic gaming methodologies. The game was introduced to England from France while Charles 2 was at the Helm of affairs. The game was known as paille-maille then.

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