Tossing Lawn Games

Lawn games, especially tossing lawn games are extremely popular as a relaxation idea all around the world. There are a lot of popular tossing games, but Cornhole happens to be probably the most popular one. The game, which is also known as bean bag toss or corn toss has a very simple set of rules. The player just needs to throw corn bags to a platform which is raised and have a hole in its end. If the player throws the bag on the platform, he earns 1 point and if he can throw the bag inside the whole then he can get 3 points. The game continues till one player or one team scores 21 points.

Washer pitching is another popular tossing game after corn hole. Now, you have certainly played horseshoes right? If you have, then playing this game will be very easy for you. Here all you have to do is throw the washers, in such a way, that they land inside the washer box or near the box. By doing this right, you will earn points. The equipments required for these games are just two boxes and four metal washers.

If you are looking for a tossing game other than Cornhole and Washers, then you might try Laddeball. The game can be played with just two ladders and three balls known as bolas per team. The ladders must have rungs with three different point values 1, 2 and three. Like Cornhole, this game also ends when a team reaches 21 points. This is one unique game which is played at the tailgating parties.

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