Good Ole Fashion Fun for the Backyard

Most people these days go to internet for having fun. However truth is, nothing can match the awesomeness of playing outdoor games with little kids or your family member in your little backyard. Just imagine playing some popular lawn game on a bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon with your favorite people and you will understand why exactly outdoor games is way better than being stuck with your computer inside. When it comes to outdoor games, Slip nā€™ Slide races has to be one of the most popular one. Surely most of you know about this game and you all must love the part when the one who finishes last is pummeled with the water filled balloons.

Capture the Flag is another game which can be simultaneously fun and interactive. If you have a lot of people willing to play, then this game might just be the perfect option for you. This game is loved a lot by the kids. The most exciting parts about the game are capturing the flag of the opponent team, not getting tagged and of course the jail time if you get tagged.

Another nice game you can try out is the foursquare. This is probably the simplest old fashioned backyard game ever invented, as the requirements for this game, is limited to just a chalk, a ball and a patch of cement. Remember that only four people can play this game at a time, so it might not be a good idea to play foursquare if you are planning to hang out with a lot of people in your backyard.

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