Summer starts with Memorial Day!

Spring brings us hope of new things blooming, growing and that summer is close by. We celebrate Mothers Day and Easter with family, food and games. Memorial Day though is the beginning of summer for us, even if the calendar says summer is still a few more weeks away. That's the holiday that many of us get three days off from work, school is over or coming to an end.

Many of us start our annual vacation with Memorial Day weekend and so some of us will head to the beaches and the lake with our friends. Cooking out and swimming, laughing and relaxing…it is a well deserved long weekend that we look forward to with great excitement.

As family and friends gather on the beach or at the lake, we toss footballs around and play volleyball. We throw Frisbees and  sit around the campfire telling jokes and stories, remember Memorial Day weekends of the past. A few of us will get sunburned and tell ourselves that won't happen again!

When the gang gets together for this wonderful weekend, some of us may not be so gracefully talented when it comes to tossing footballs and throwing Frisbees though. We're more of a ground level game where everything is happening at our feet like the game Rollors.

Setting up the goals is simple and doesn't take up much space. This is a game that is fun for the athletic and the not-so-athletic person. From the toddling 2 year old to the toddling 92 year old, everyone can have fun and participate with a game like Rollors. This is a game that is similar to Bocce or horseshoes and anyone can learn it and anyone can play it, even those in a wheelchair. Making memories this Memorial Day with a new game like Rollors and your campsite will be the favorite of them all. 

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