Graduation Time Of The Year! Are You Ready?

May and June we see a lot of graduations, both college and high school, even preschool and middle school too. But it is the college and high school graduations that call for a celebration at the home of the graduate. Family, friends, co-workers and neighbor all descend upon your home to congratulate the recent grad and their parents. Gifts are brought for the grads and the folks host a light meal or finger foods.

Everyone mingling and maybe looking at old photos of the graduate while reminiscing and telling stories of yesteryear. A break in the visiting is set aside for the graduate to open cards and gifts, then all the thank you for the gift and some hugs. Somebody usually makes a toast to the grad to wish them well on the next chapter of their life and then that's about it.

This year, for the gathering celebration of your grad, break out some games in between the chit chat, eating and gift opening. Games like Bocce and Rollors can be entertaining and fun for kids from 2 years old to 102 years old. Even if your celebration is in the evening, clean up the backyard and turn on the flood lights! And if you're not sure what to get the grad for that gift they won't foget … the game of Rollors will one that they can play this summer and the high school grad can take it to college with them! 

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