Mothers Day - A Day To Remember With Food And Fun

Spring time brings us many things. Winter leaves, the flowers bloom, the trees bud and Mothers Day arrives. This isn't our birthday and it isn't a holiday for the whole family. It is a day that we honor mom and show her how much we appreciate what she does and who she is for each of us. For many of us Mothers Day is a busy day.

We may start the day off at Church with mom and then take her brunch. Or we may let mom sleep in then head off to a day at the lake or a park with a picnic in tow. Or perhaps a gathering at our home with her children and grandchildren with a cook-out of burgers and hot dogs.

Even though it is a day to focus on mom, those family gatherings will still need some form of activity and entertainment for the rest of us, and mom. As a tradition, we can sit around and look at pictures and remember stories of back when we were little or even when mom was little, but that can only entertain a group for so long. With a beautiful spring day and a beautiful lady to honor, we should also find something exciting and new to add to the traditional day.

Depending on the space you have for the gathering, some outdoor games can be a great way to entertain the group. From Bocce, croquet, horseshoes, Rollors, softball or even flag football, there is a game that can incorporate every age group. There are rules to each of these games, but each can be adjusted to make it fair for everyone and still provide challenge and fun for all.

When the day is over, we take mom home and head home ourselves, the memory of the day will be something that mom remembers with a smile. She's enjoyed a meal prepared by anyone and everyone. We played games, creating teams between us all and shared laughter, creating new memories and made plans for Fathers Day to repeat the fun!. 

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