History of Lawn Games – Part 1

Lawn games are the product of an ancient idea based on relaxation. However, even in the present days, they are actually very enjoyable for most people. There are various kinds of different lawn games and every game has got a history behind it.

Bocce Ball, for example is one of the most ancient lawn games. This game is also known as Bocci or Boccie. This ball game originates in the Roman Empire and was developed into its current form by the Italian people.  It is popular in other European countries, too, and even other continents, like Australia, South and North America. The game is very simple as only a minimum two players are needed to play, and of course more than two people can play by forming teams.

Horseshoes is another popular game, which many of you have certainly played once in a while. This lawn game was started during the Christian era and is also few hundred years old. The first horseshoe tournament was held in 1910 in Bronson. The traditional distance between the throwing target stakes and the throwing position is 40 feet, though it can be adjusted as per personal preference.  Earlier people used to play it with real horseshoes, but now you can of course use stylish, U-shaped bars, which are actually larger than real horseshoes.

There is another game called Kubb, which may not match horseshoes or Bocce Ball in terms of popularity, but this ancient game is fairly popular in its own right. In this game, you just have to knock wood blocks over by throwing a piece of wood block at them with perfect precision. The game was originated in some Scandinavian countries about 1000 years back, but some people say that the present version of the game was invented in the Gotland Island, which is in Sweden, too.

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