Family Fun Frisbee Games

Family Fun Frisbee Games

Many of us are fascinated by the overwhelming idea of enjoying fantastic games as a pastime. To give a sound voice to those game-freak hearts, Flimsee may be an automatic choice.

Flimsee can be easily launched if a little patch of grass is available where sticks can be poked 5” into the ground in 16” pairs, and again 35” away, forming a distinct rectangle. Flimsee cups are to be placed atop each stick. The objective of the game is to gain 2 points by throwing a disc clean through the opponent’s Flimsee sticks, or gain 1 point by knocking their cup(s) to the ground. While defending, the only objective is to prevent the opponent from scoring by catching the cup(s) fair and square and not letting them hit the ground.

Another game loved by many people is the Ringer Toss. Intense fun is the name of the award-winning game. The only thing a players need to do is fling a ring to knock the cups over and get valuable ringers. There are three points per ringer, and one point per cup knocked off. The first to reach 21 points is the winner.

KanJam is another widely appreciated, lightweight game. It is easy to set up and comprises of durable materials. It is so popular, in fact, that apps have been developed for iPhone/Android phones to keep record of the scores. The game improves physical ability and promotes healthy competition.

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