After The Easter Egg Hunt – The Fun Doesn't Have To Be Over!

Easter is probably the next biggest holiday for family gatherings after Christmas and Hanukkah. Many of us attend Church services and then go to the home of a family member and enjoy a big meal while the adults hide Easter eggs and the children hunt them. A good time is had by everyone and memories are created for another year.

After the Easter egg hunt is over, a few adults will watch sporting events on television and others clean up the dinner dishes to prepare for desserts. Usually the children grow restless, so do some of the adults. The initial fun is over and the bellies are full.  This is the perfect time to get everyone outside for some exercise and fresh air!

For anyone that has volunteered to host the family Easter gathering in the past and again this year, you know all too well how quickly this boredom will come and make what starts out as a fun day can quickly go to dull. So plan ahead this year to have some outdoor activities.

A game of Bocce or horseshoes is always fun, even a game of croquet can be entertaining, but these games have been done and today's generation doesn't really enjoy them. So bring out a new game and introduce the family to Rollors. This is a game that can be played by the youngest member of the family that has just started walking to the oldest member of the family.

It doesn't take a large space to play the game, so any average size backyard will do. Or if your family gathering takes place at the beach or lake, this game is easily packed up and transported. In fact, if your Church or other place of Worship has a gathering for all the families of the congregation, Rollors is a great game to bring along! Can you think of any way better after an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and adults, to come together for fun and laughter?

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