Celebrate National Backyard Game Week

Did you even know there was such a thing as National Backyard Game Week? How sad is it that to get families back to the basics, we have to have a week set aside? Regardless, it is a wonderful idea and from May 19 through May 26, we should all do just what the name indicates – Celebrate National Backyard Game Week!

For many generations, it was just a common occurrence for kids to head outdoors to the backyard and play in the sandbox and on the swing set. They played games of chase and hide-n-go-seek for hours on end, having fun, laughing and believe it or not, they learned things along the way. On weekends and sometimes just randomly, mom and dad would join the kids out in the backyard to play games like Bocce, croquet and horseshoes.

Today though, kids have computers and video games. Parents are often too busy working to pay for those things. The end results are nobody has time, or the desire, to go out in the backyard. Well, there is a new game out there that is grabbing the attention of families everywhere and that game is Rollors. It is a game that can be played with just 2 people or you can set up teams and compete with each other.

It's a great game for kids of all ages, so bring the toddling 2 year old and the toddling 92 year old and enjoy a game of Rollors. Use the numbers to teach the young kids how to count and just like any game, there are rules, but they are simple and can be adjusted to fit the group playing.

Take advantage of National Backyard Game Week and get out in the backyard  to play games. Get some fresh air and exercise with family and friends. Years ago it was nothing for families to invite their neighbors over and the two families compete with each other or even better, adults against the kids!

Get up and get outside folks! Find something physically and mentally stimulating whether it is playing classic games like Bocce, croquet or horseshoes or something new like Rollors!

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